Istanbul, Turkey

Food, streets, architecture, people, monuments. Tremendous number of photography subjects…

I was really curious for this city since I had seen a lot of stunning images taken here. I knew I can take photos of the famous monuments, but I thought those would be a kind of boring photos you can see on the web. I wanted to catch the essence of the city, the general mood of the people and the feeling that the streets ooze.

When we got to our quarters I knew it would be cool. The area was not the typical place for tourists. Ruined buildings, cobble streets and alleys and people sitting at the entrances. “What a subject…” I thought in every third seconds. In this area I could take some really nice shots both at night and day.

DSC_0088-15    DSC_0089-16

As you can see, children are really pleased to be on a picture, they really enjoy it, especially if you show them the result. Most of the time they are really willing.


People don’t care about what you are doing until you want to take pictures of them. It’s an indiscretion if you do that. To solve this problem I suggest you take a long tele lens with yourself or simply ask them to let you take a photo of them but you should be really polite every time. More than the half of them will say ok…



In Istanbul you can find a tremendous number bazaars and vendors. They are full of what they are selling. Huge amount of gadgets, clothes, handicrafts and many other kind of things. A lot of photo subject can be found among these, but REMEMBER that you should always ask the hawkers to let you take pics.

DSC_0034-5   DSC_0039-6


Here, beside that the food is really delicious, they look fine and served in a classy way. Every kind of meals can be found however the most temptings are the authentic turkish stuff…especially the sweets. It doesn’t matter where you are at the moment, you don’t have to walk too far for it…

DSC_0404-47 DSC_0032-4

If you like vivid colours and much subjects for your photography, just go to the spice bazaar. It’s full of spices, dried fruits, berries, seeds and teas. It’s a fantastic experience and there are a lot of perspective and technique you can approach the shooting.



Many kind of streets can be found in Istanbul. There are crowded streets, poor and dirty streets and alleys, wide pedestrian areas, beautiful squares and so on… You can easily happen to be walking somewhere and when you turn left on the corner, the whole atmosphere suddenly changes. You can never know what surprises or stunning click here photo subjects could be somewhere you are just passing by so it’s worth going with your eyes open.

If you like mood photos, you will surely like this place. Due to it’s relatively big density you can compress many things into one photo.

In addition, night photos are most interesting. There are a lot of colours, lights and people. It’s awesome.




Of course we took some pics of the monuments, it was a kind of must, however some of them became really nice.

Most of them are mosques but it is worth the time to focus on them. There are some where you can take pics inside. Don’t miss the opportunity since  from architectural view of point, it’s overwhelming.

Moreover, one of the longest suspension bridge of the world can be found here, the Bosphorus (and the Bosphorus 2). It’s really awe-inspiring even in daylight, however at night or at sunset you can experience the real in-your-face impression. If you are lucky and the sky is a bit cloudy, excellent shots can be taken. There is a Bosphorus cruise boat you can get on at different places but be aware of the timing (you know…SUNSET).


In addition, the other bridges have their own traits and feelings. For example, I really liked the Galata Bridge. By the bridgeheads, on one side there is the fish market with a lot of fishes and on the other side there are some eateries where delicious fish sandwiches can be bought. Fishermen linger all over the bridge catching various kind of fresh fishes.

DSC_0175-26  DSC_0172-25


Of course it’s another monument in Istanbul but it’s worth visiting it. Every monument of turkey can be found here in tiny version. If there are not too much people there, really nice photos can be taken. Just give it a try…

DSC_0345-44  DSC_0331-43

All in all…

So this variegated city is a kind of must since there are a lot of possibility for photographers. There are a tremendous number of subjects and dramatic scenes and beautiful colours. We have been there for a week but I could have spent much more time lingering in the city and shooting better and better images.


I had been afraid a bit so I didn’t take my whole equipment with myself. I only got my 18-55mm lens on me and that’s all. Thinking back, I regret a bit not having taken my tele lens with me. I could have shot really nice pics of people and situations.

Fortunately, the public safety hasn’t been so bad as I had thought. In spite of this you should be aware and take care of your equipment and yourself since there are some places where you’d better put your camera back into your bag.

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