Mocsárosdűlő, Hungary

Should you hunger for some nice nature photos including landscapes, flowers and some kind of backyard animals or birds, this can be a suitable place for you.

This beautiful area is situated in the heart of the 3rd district in Budapest. People living nearby often come here for a short walk with their dogs or just to feel themselves separated from the big city life.

It is a protected landscape area and it keeps it’s beauty from year to year. In autumn and winter it’s not so interesting and the ground is really muddy, so I recommend it primarily on spring and summer.

It is not a big territory, however you can find tremendous number of photo subjects. At first glance you can see a big lea bounded by some different-looking zone.

In addition, various plants and “postcard” images can be captured easily due to the variety of this stunning scenery.


Moreover, there are a plenty of Wild Tale minded paths, tiny lakes and a little farm where you can shoot really fascinating images. You can make dramatic and scary and also happy and delightful pictures. click here It all depends on what effects you would like us to feel.


Last but not least, I must say a few words about the animals. There are huge number of insects and bugs if you like capturing them. There are birds from small to mid-size and you can find backyard cattles and poultry animals.


On summer the lights are fascinating and you can play with them and with the cool vivid colours a lot. I wish you a nice journey if you come here and a lot of nice pics.


There is no need for large equipment. Most of my images were made with my 18-55mm lens which is really suitable for this place. Should you tend to capture birds or small animals, you’d better take your tele lens with yourself.

You can shoot really nice sunset images, however you will need a tripod or at least a monopod to successfully carry out.

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